Covid 19 Vaccine Trial - Coronavirus Vaccine Tester Gives Update One Month Later

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She wants to create her own small niche in history. Her name is Jennifer Haller, and she just participated in a Covid 19 vaccine trial conducted by Moderna Incorporated, a biotech company in the state of Massachusetts.

She felt the need to be part of something that has been shaking the very fabric of our society, no matter how small her role is. The vaccine trials of Moderna is just one of the 115 simultaneous experiments in the world for the race to create a Covid 19 vaccine. Jennifer is based in New York City which is still nauseous from its ongoing traumatic experience with this horrible virus, and she had seen the sad plight of both colleagues and strangers who have contracted this sickness.

Jennifer’s big heart especially goes out to the undocumented workers, who in one way or another, are frontliners in the health industry, and have been the new soldiers of today, battling this invisible enemy. Many of them are minimum wage earners, living from paycheck to paycheck. Trying to sustain a decent standard of living for their families.

To celebrate her recent birthday, Jennifer started a fundraiser on Facebook for these noble but unrecognized minimum wage earners so that they will feel that their efforts are also being appreciated.

Jennifer is based in NYC but is originally a Seattle girl. She is proud of her native city because Covid 19 cases there have been leveling off due to the continuous cooperation between local authorities and the city folks.

Talking about excellent home care and creation of awareness about the pandemic in Seattle, Integrity Care and Staffing Home Health Care Agency have been doing a great job in providing local home care needs and at the same time informing their patients and other people about the precautions and sacrifices they need to do so that Covid 19 won’t make Seattle and surrounding areas into ghost towns.

People and institutions like Integrity Care and Staffing Home Health Care Agency have been doing their share all over the nation in creating awareness for proper sanitation and disinfection in our homes and buildings. And since the United States is a country where people love hugging each other, Integrity Care and Staffing and other groups and individuals have been taking the lead in communicating this isn’t the case anymore, because social distancing is the “new norm” now to keep our beloved country safe.

They should be gentle in relaying this disruptive change in social norms because some people are not so receptive to abrupt alterations in their behavior.

The results of Jennifer’s vaccine trials have not yet been out, but she is hopeful, like other trial volunteers, that our future in our beloved United States is still a beautiful one. And Integrity Care and Staffing Home Health Care Agency in Seattle is proving to be a bright light in that future too.


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